Chaos;Child finally gets a western release date


Is this the sensual world you’re looking for?

You see that semicolon in the middle of a game title, you know you’re dealing with 5pb’s Science Adventure or Science Visual Novelscience-fiction series. In this case, Chaos;Child is a sequel to the first Science Adventure story, Chaos;Head. It releases on both PS4 and PlayStation Vita in Europe on October 13, 2017, while North America has to wait until October 24. Since Chaos;Head wasn’t localized, this is our first official taste of this delusional thriller sub-series.

Chaos;Child tells the story of Takuru Miyashiro, an orphan just trying to get through high school (as Japanese protagonists tend to do) until a wave of strange deaths happens in Shibuya. This isn’t merely a traditional murder mystery ordeal, however, as in Chaos;visual novels you’re in control of the protagonist’s delusions. At key points in the story, you can choose to trigger shifts to a more positive (lewd) or more negative (violent or gross) version of the world around you. Of course, you can decide to stay in reality, if that’s more your style.

Alright, now that we’ve gone over the news, can someone at PQube please fix the logos in this series? They make absolutely no sense. I can understand the original Japanese release having Engrish, that’s basically a tradition at this point. But couldn’t this be fixed in the western releases? Here, have an upgraded version, free of charge!

Anyway, trailer and some pretty art for Chaos;Child down below. I loved Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0, so I’m excited for this one.