Comments of the Week 10: Double Digits


English-Brand Comments

The big 1 and 0.

This is the first real milestone of the new series of Comments of the Week, good ol’ “CotW Number 10” – so far so good.Everyone hitting deadlines and compiling really well-structured blogs, ZombZ flexing his creative muscles, and FakePlasticTree whipping us whenever we fall behind schedule. It’s been grand, and will (should) only get better from here onward.

For such a momentous week it is only fitting that I, TheLimoMaker, am the one to bring you the best comments of the week, whether they be profound or funny, because I have the best judge of what comments are the best. This is only because I have very low standards.

Sports costumes coming to Street Fighter V

TheLimoMaker:I wish this was an anime.

TheLimoMaker:Can we just make a spin-off blog series called, “Oh Dere Me?” It can also work as an erotic movie.

Do we really hate all franchises and sequels?

TheLimoMaker:Preach it sister.

You could have drank Sonic and his pals if you were at Comic Con

TheLimoMaker:I feel that pain as a Dino Crisis fan.

Review: Pyre


Review: Hey! Pikmin

TheLimoMaker:What if life itself is a horror story?

The Sims 4 moves to PS4 and Xbox One this November

TheLimoMaker:I enjoy putting all the Sims in a house with one toilet…except there is no door to this toilet, only a window.

Once the portable versions are delivered, the Mighty No. 9 saga can come to a close

TheLimoMaker:Mighty No. 9 is an Almighty No. 2.

TheLimoMaker:To feature myself or to not feature myself…that is the question. I did it anyway.

Preordering Destiny 2 grants a timed exclusive exotic laser weapon

TheLimoMaker:Destiny 2? More like…DestinyPoo…not my strongest attempt.

TheLimoMaker:I’d love to haveDestiny 2replace its characters with members of the WWE roster. Slaying the Fallen as Shinsuke Nakamura? Yes please.

TheLimoMaker:I mean, its not like Activision has any self-respect.

Review: The Emoji Movie

TheLimoMaker:There are words to describe this film. “Shit” would be one of them.

Europe is getting a real nice Dark Souls vinyl trilogy set

TheLimoMaker:I’m willing to let someone Kosm all over my face for that vinyl set.

WWE 2K18 getting ultimate John Cena fan set

TheLimoMaker:I wish I could see him.

What is the hardest game you have ever played?

TheLimoMaker:Final Fantasy XIIIis only good if you don’t play it.

Fall as far as you want in Super Mario Odyssey, you’re not gonna die

TheLimoMaker:I’ve been reading a book on anti-gravity and I just can’t put it down.

TheLimoMaker:Good god dude. That’s a lot of buttplugs.

TheLimoMaker:I feel you dude, the London Limousine Convention 2015 had me wetter than a drowning sailor.

TheLimoMaker:Gotta get that swamp ass seen to.

TheLimoMaker:There was a blackout at the local bar yesterday. Thankfully I had a light beer.

TheLimoMaker:The fear of Angie is strong in the QPosts.

TheLimoMaker:I hear his brother Drye Koff is a riot.

That’s it from me here folks.

Thank you to the community so much for all the great material you give us week in week out; you guys are the real stars of this series. Now I’m off to drink some tea and eat some french fries smothered in mayonnaise…because I’m a heathen.