Contest: Win a Steam copy of The Textorcist


You must ex-spell these demons!

Today’s contest is for a Steam copy of The Textorcist!

It’s not often a game makes me wish I were a PC gamer. This is one of those games.

We have some Steam copies of typing/bullet hell nightmare The Textorcist to give away. And holy shit it looks and sounds amazing.

You’re Ray Bibbia, a priest who’s sick and tired of the demons plaguing the earth. There’s only one thing to do — grab your trusty Bible and ex-spell those demons back to Hell. You’ve got the power of holy words on your side, which you will have to type out as the minions of Hell spray out waves and waves of bullets. You’ll dodge. You’ll type. And you’ll kick ass. As the demons become tougher, as do the spells — English will have little effect on stronger enemies, forcing you to type in Latin to do some real damage. Good luck typing in Latin and dodging bullets, y’all.

And did you hear the soundtrack in the trailer? I think I’ll download that. Good stuff.

To enter to win, comment below telling us your favorite method of getting rid of those pesky demons. I like to put a child underneath a cardboard box with a stick holding it upright. There’s a string tied to the stick. When a demon sneaks around to possess the easily-possessable child, I pull the string, trapping the demon under the box! It usually possesses the kid while it’s in there, but that’s its parents’ problem. I at least trapped the demon in one place. I did my job.

We have four Steam keys to give away. Winners will be drawn on Friday, February 22. Make sure to comment using a Dtoid account with your current email address on file. New users can sign up here to help us dis-spell the demons!

The Textorcist is available now on Steam. Head over to PC Invasion for more chances to win.