Criminal Girls 2 is coming west, with some changes


NIS details what’s up

As expected,Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors will have some alterations when it’s brought westward for its localization. NIS has detailed four core pillars so fans can make their own decision whether or not to buy — redrawn art, terminology changes, no native language dialogue, and no motivation scene dialogue.

In other words, “punishment” is now “motivation,” some dialogue has been removed, and there is no dub. The story will still deal with a group of “Delinquents” in Hell as part of theReformation Program. While I’m not big on alterations like this (to some degree, why localize it at all if you have to change so much), it’s good to see NIS be so open with its community — as opposed to obfuscating it like other publishers.

Party Favors will arrive on September 20 in North America and September 23 in Europe on Vita.

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