Dang, XCOM 2 is only $12 in this Humble Monthly deal


You’ll get immediate access

Yesterday’s news of the Long War 2 mod reminded me that I failed to snag XCOM 2 at launch and, dumber yet, while it was discounted in recent end-of-year sales. But actually, that indecisiveness has paid off — the alien-blastin’, bad-luck-cursing strategy title is available for only $12 on PC.

The deal comes from Humble Monthly, a subscription service that gives you immediate access to one known game — in this case, XCOM 2 — and six as-yet-unknown titles on February 3, 2017. Even if you literally only want XCOM 2 and don’t care about whatever else will be in the bundle, this is a price worth considering (just don’t forget to cancel your sub as needed before the next monthly bundle hits).

For reference, the last Humble Monthly lineup had Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, Project Cars, Mother Russia Bleeds, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Neon Chrome, Jotun, HoPiKo, and Kimmy. These things vary, of course, but they can work out very favorably based on your library.

Aside from the deal, I think I subconsciously wanted to write this post because I’ve had snake-people on the mind. Here are some excerpts from our Slack, a place where work somehow gets done.

Again, nothing sexual.”