Dante's Inferno is coming to Xbox backward compatibility, but not necessarily soon


The real hell is not knowing

Dante’s Infernois something of a last-gen cult classic. It’s a bastardized re-imagining of the 14th-century poem, as Dante hacks and slashes his way through hell to save his lover Beatrice from Satan’s icy clutches. It, uh, takes some artistic liberties.

Still, Visceral’s (RIP) depiction of hell is one of the more interesting and gruesome ones that video games have ever attempted. There’s a fine opportunity soon enough to see if it still holds up. Dante’s Infernowill be playable on Xbox One via the backward compatibility program.

This isn’t the typical “It was added today” type of announcement, though. This comes by way of a short-term roadmap for the EA Access subscription service. Sometime between July and September, Dante’s Inferno, The Sims 4, Fe, FIFA 18, and Burnout Paradise Remasteredwill all be added to the EA Access Vault, which means they’re available to play for subscribers. From that, we’re left to infer that Dante’s Infernomust come to backward compatibility, but we’re not sure when.

That’s what the next quarter holds for the EA Access Vault, and EA probably didn’t peg Dante’s Infernoas the game to draw headlines. As far as new and upcoming titles go, there are First Play Trials for the slate of sports games. Madden NFL 19(August 2), NBA Live 19(August 31), FIFA 19(September 6), and NHL 19(September 20) all have pre-release extended demos for Access subscribers. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here for news about the game from 2010.

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