Deal with a corporate witch in Yuppie Psycho


And some weird coworkers, too

The best survival horror games present twisted visions of everyday locations.Resident Evilturned a looming mansion into a den of labyrinth halls and shambling corpses.Silent Hill 2’sLakeview Hotel transformed into an oppressive collection of decaying rooms.

Yuppie Psycho, a newly announced by Baroque Decay Games, keeps the tradition of location-focused horror alive. Instead of a mansion, hospitals, or hotels,Yuppie Psychoexplores the scariest place of all: the corporate workspace.

After accepting a peculiar job offer at Sinistracorp, Brian Pasternak is thrown into an unfamiliar world. His new employer is a massive – and possibly evil – company that has its fair share of quirks. Chief among them, it seems, are killer copy machines and one very angry witch.

According to the developer, Yuppie Psycho takes inspiration from Lynchian horror and American Psycho to create a surreal version of ’90s corporate culture. As Brian navigates through Sinistracorp, he’ll meet weird coworkers, hide from terrible creatures, and track down a seemingly unstoppable witch. Yuppie Psycho sounds like the worst day anyone has ever had at work. Ever.

Yuppie Psycho will bring its blend of “job survival horror” to Steam in 2017. Until then, be thankful you just have to deal with terrible conversations around the water cooler.