Devolver Digital wants to let you play shameless ripoffs of their games with Devolver Bootleg


Shade thrown at G2A

You can always count on Devolver to take the piss out of the industry during their storied history of Devolver Directs. This year is no different with them poking fun at the glut of digital storefronts popping up.

Introducing Devolver Bootleg, where you can play eight shameless copies of famous Devolver Digital games all while not supporting the original devs directly. I personally can’t wait to break another controller thanks to Luftrausers and revel in my own anger.Sure it’s on the Steam storefront, but it’s not like asset flips aren’t uncommon there right? If you act right now, you can save a whopping 1% on the already low price of five dollars. My god, the savings.

Doinksoft, who just released Gato Roboto, is responsible for this madness.