Did the Mighty No. 9 pizza commercial deter you from checking it out?


It’s that bad

Seeing a JapaneseMighty No. 9 dev trash a commercial from his western publisher as “unforgivable” had me in stitches for a while. That specific choice of words is pretty amazing, and not something you see every day. Most people are talking about the phrase “cry like an anime fan on prom night,” because it alienates the entire audience of the game in one fell swoop.

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a parody, or what, but the whole situation is the icing on top of the spoiled cake that’s been sitting out uneaten for the past few years or so. It’s gotten so bad that even brands have weighed in on it, which, while bad in theory, is hilarious insomuch as they’re aware of it.

Given the strong response to the trailer I want to know your thoughts on it. Is this high concept art-house stuff here? Are we seeing a full-blown parody that no one really “got?” If not, can you come up with a reason why Deep Silver would market the game like this, and are you actively disinterested as a result (or fine with it as even the developer is pissed)?