Dynasty Warriors 9 is heading West on PC, PS4, and Xbox One


I would walk 500 miles…

The initial announcement for Dynasty Warriors 9 only clarified that the game would be releasing on PS4. While that is still true for Japan, Western audiences will be able to partake in the open-world hack-n-slash-athon on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. This will be the first entry in the main series on a Microsoft console since Dynasty Warriors 8 in 2013 (having skipped the Xtreme Legends expansions).

I’m mostly happy that a PC port is coming. Hopefully Koei Tecmo don’t gimp out like their last few PC versions, but it should be suitably insane to see an open-world recreation of China in 4K. Maybe we’ll also get PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support, but that hasn’t been touched on. I’m sure as we get closer to release (which still hasn’t been detailed), we’ll find out more.