Earth Defense Force: World Brothers will bring cute carnage westward on May 27


Blocky Bug Bustin’

Get set for the more adorable little invasion you ever did see, as D3 Publisher, in association with Yuke’s, has finally announced a western localization for the newest, pint-sized entry in the EDF franchise: Earth Defense Force: World Brothers, which will launch on PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch on May 27.

Released in Japan back in December 2020, EDF: World Brothers features the typical, chaotic, insect-invasion action that is a trademark of the franchise, only this time stylized in super-cute voxel graphics. Players build a team of comical customizable characters, before heading into battle against spiders, ants, wasps, frogs, and other cubic critters laying waste to the major cities of “Voxel Earth”… which itself is also just a big ol’ cube.

While the EDF franchise isn’t likely to win any medals for reinvention anytime soon, World Brothers is a very fun new take on the series “fire-and-forget” action. The spin-off title supports two-player split-screen and four-player online, and features over 100 unlockable soldier types, from Gothic Lolita maids to clowns, Godzilla cosplayers, and everything in-between. And speaking of the King of the Monsters, watch out for some truly towering boss characters, ready and raring to smash you back into itty-bitty pieces.