Everyone plays it cool in Destiny's Taken King live-action spot


Until the big dude shows up

Equipped with a gun, an aloof attitude, and some one-liners, this Guardian dares to wander into the lair of Oryx, The Taken King. This murderous bastard holds a bit of a grudge because you killed his son. It’s an understandable animosity, if we’re being honest.

Destiny‘s The Taken Kingadd-on releases on September 15, and this is that expansion’s launch trailer. It was directed by Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacyand Oblivion), and is set to some Led Zeppelin music. It’ll get some prime-time exposure tonight when a pared-down version of it airs during the NFL opener between the Patriots and Steelers.

In preparation of The Taken King‘s arrival, Bungie has made big changes to Destinythis week as part of its 2.0 update. Although Oryx holds the add-on’s namesake, his raid won’t actually be included at launch; that will be patched in three days later on September 18.