Final Fantasy 7 Remake's 'episodes' will be the size of 'full Final Fantasy games'



This is rather unexpected.

For months fans have been speculating regarding Final Fantasy VIIRemake‘s episodic strategy. After finding out that the game will not indeed be a full-on single release that provides a 1:1 look at VII‘s world, fans started to get worried that they would take the adventure game route and only provide a few hours of content at a time. It didn’t help that the developers were as vague as possibleabout it.

But according to the new issue of Game Informer, each episode will be a “full-scale game on par with installments of the Final Fantasy XIIIsub-series.” Well, those are indeed 40-hour JRPGs, so, it checks out.

Funnily enough the developers were quick to backpedal on any comparisons to XIII, noting that it will not take the “multi-angle” approach for the narrative because VIIalready has a pre-existing story.

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