Find out what's in what might be one of the last Splatoon updates


Sheldon’s picks

For all intents and purposes, Nintendo has been winding down support for Splatoon. One of the last known updates is set to hit later tonight (from 5:50 PM – 7 PM PT), and we’re only a week or so removed from the first anniversary (May 29). If we get anything more after this, it will have been more content-supported than your average western shooter.

Tonight will signal the 2.8.0 patch, which brings in nine new weapons dubbed “Sheldon’s Picks Vol. 2,” as well as undisclosed balances and fixes. Sure it’s not a whole lot, but it’s a perfect excuse for people to jump back in after hanging up the towel for a while. I feel like Nintendo could have done a bit more with the ranking system and other bits long term, but for what is essentially their first major online shooter outing, this effort is far better than a lot of their competition.

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