Get a good look at Mega Man X Dive's gameplay here


Including the ‘auto lock’ mobile gameplay

In case you haven’t heard, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but the next Mega Man X game is a mobile title.

Yep, even after the debacles following the port Mega Man mobile ports and the whole fiasco with Rockman Xover (which was shutdown before it even came west), Capcom is pressing their luck again in the same arena. The project is called Mega Man X Dive, and brings back X and Zero in a quest to relive all of your memories of past Mega Man X games. It’s a sort of meta plot that perfectly fits a spinoff, but the whole “mobile” and runner setup is freaking people out for good reason.

Rockman Corner managed to get their hands on a new trailer for the game that shows a bit more than the initial 30-second teaser, and shows us how combat (and the optional “auto lock” system designed for mobile devices) works. Interestingly this seems to be a celebration of all things Xseries, with a character select screen showcasing Vile, Ultimate Armor X, Axl, Alia (the support/operator of the series starting with X5), Zero, X, and Marino (the latter of which is from Command Mission).

That “all-stars” concept, which is very reminiscent of the Game Boy era re-releases that ape their full console counterparts, is intriguing: but I’m not confident in Capcom’s ability to use restraint when it comes to stuffing in microtransactions.