Ghostrunner PS5 upgrade arrives fall 2021


Jacked Up

It has been a big week for One More Level’s cybernetic hack ‘n’ slash adventure Ghostrunner. Not only was the entire IP – along with its underlying technology – purchased by Italian publisher 505 Games, but the new owners have also announced release windows for its upcoming DLC, as well as an exciting upgrade for the PS5 platform.

505 Games revealed Ghostrunner will receive three further content drops in 2021. Spring will see the arrival of both a Photo Mode, the new “Kill Run” mode, and an Amazon Luna port. The summer months will see the addition of two unannounced content bundles, as well as another new mode and a paid Vanity Pack, containing new customization options for yer boy Jack.

Come fall, Ghostrunner will receive another new paid Vanity Pack, the “Ultimate” DLC expansion, and the aforementioned PS5 upgrade. 505 Games is yet to detail what this upgrade will entail, but we can assume it will be a case of higher resolution textures, faster loading times, improved frame rates – the standard boosts many upgraded games have received in the past. PS4 owners will be able to download the PS5 upgrade free of charge.

The sale of the Ghostrunner IP goes some way toward solidifying strong marketing and support for the frenetic action title, for the remainder of the year at the very least. As noted by Anthony Marzano in our review, it’s a rollicking good time – a cathartic blast of chaotic cyberpunk action. So if you’re feeling the need to unwind with a little slice ‘n’ dice this weekend, maybe give it a whirl.