GOG has another huge sale, and we have 460 games to give away


Big Deal

GOG’s really making a splash in the PC sales market. Steam normally has this area cornered, but GOG has earned a reputation for itself lately for throwing big and relatively-frequent sales events. Another one is underway right now.

GOG’s Big Deal Sale began yesterday, and it features more than 200 games that are discounted up to 90 percent off. The full list is available here. It’s too many to individually list, but GOG made a point of noting that there are “historically low prices” on Little Nightmares ($11.99), Galaxy of Pen and Paper($12.69), Tacoma($15.99), Aragami($7.99), Sudden Strike 4($37.49), 80 Days($3.39), Obduction ($17.99), and Rebel Galaxy($4.99).

To help promote the occasion, GOG is giving us 460 copies of games to give away. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • 80 Days(10 copies)
  • Aragami(10 copies)
  • Bionic Dues(20 copies)
  • Blackwell Bundle (10 copies)
  • Dungeon Rats(10 copies)
  • Gemini Rue(10 copies)
  • Her Story(10 copies)
  • Herald: An Interactive Period Drama Book 1 and 2(20 copies)
  • Inner Chains(5 copies)
  • Jotun(15 copies)
  • Kholat(20 copies)
  • Legends of Eisenwald(10 copies)
  • Megabyte Punch(10 copies)
  • Memoranda(10 copies)
  • The Metronomicon(20 copies)
  • Nex Machina (5 copies)
  • PixelJunk Monsters(20 copies)
  • PixelJunk Shooter(20 copies)
  • Race the Sun(15 copies)
  • Reus(10 copies)
  • Rezrog(30 copies)
  • Sanctuary RPG(10 copies)
  • Scanner Sombre(10 copies)
  • Shadowgrounds(20 copies)
  • Shadowrun Dragonfall DC(10 copies)
  • Shadowrun Hong Kong(10 copies)
  • Shadwen(10 copies)
  • Sudden Strike 4(10 copies)
  • Technobabylon(10 copies)
  • Trine(10 copies)
  • Trine 2(10 copies)
  • Trine 3(10 copies)
  • UnEpic(20 copies)
  • War for the Overworld(10 copies)
  • Ziggurat(20 copies)

To enter, just use this handy dandy widget that’s embedded below. Good luck, but you probably don’t even need it since the odds are pretty good that you’ll get something.

For anyone who’s not just looking for freebies, GOG’s Big Deal Sale runs until September 25. See if there are any DRM-free games that are callin’ your name.

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