Gravity Rush 2 is still real, and it's spectacular looking


New screens

It’s easy to forget that Sony is still working on a sequel to Gravity Rush, which thankfully did not die a slow and gruesome death on the Vita, and was reborn on the PS4. And they seem proud of the project too, since it’ll be shown at E3 next month, but not before we get a new look from IGN.

They give us a look at the new city, which has a “European feel,” new “Gravity Styles” of combat (like Lunar, which offers her more speed at the cost of attack damage), Talismans to equip, a new “mining mode” (which is tied into the story in that Kat needs to work after losing her powers), an a ghost time trials challenge gametype.

Normally screens just show off a game’s best moments, but these tell us quite a bit. Here we see Kat and Raven taking on a mech-like enemy (no longer are there just Heartless-likes to fight), a photo mode, and a look at the draw distance of the vast open world, which is said to be “2.5 times as big as the original.”

At the risk of soundingcliché it’s ticking all the right boxes, and since it’s playable at E3, expect a lot more impressions to come.

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