Here it is: Vanquish on Steam


Unlocked resolutions and framerates

One of Platinum’s most beloved titles just made its PC debut. 2010’s Vanquishjust released on Steam mere minutes ago. We’ll wait for those who need to leave to go queue up the download.

Vanquish‘s Steam pagelists the port at $20. There are some notable features that PC players will be pleased with. Both resolutions and framerates are unlocked, meaning that people can push those as far as their rigs will let them. Also, there’s full mouse and keyboard support (and mouse input is raw and without acceleration).

Other features and options listed on Vanquish‘s page are:anti-aliasing; anisotropic filtering; SSAO lighting; scalable texture and shadow quality; post-processing effects; and EFIGS and Japanese support for voice-overs, subtitles, and menus.

So far, 2017 has come up all roses for Platinum. Nier: Automatais a game of the year candidate, andBayonettaand Vanquishhave gotten their highly-requested PC ports. Well, mostly roses — there was that whole Scaleboundcancellationthat probably didn’t sit too well. But that aside, things are looking up.