Here's a better look at the statue in Dark Souls III's $500 edition


Well, maybe $500

If you’re dropping $500 bones on a collector’s edition of a game, you likely want to know what you’re getting. Like, you really want to know. You’re gonna want multiple angles and up-close shots to know that everything in it is pristine.

Earlier this week, a retailer leaked the two collector’s editions of Dark Souls III. One of them was listed at $136 and came with a 9.84-inch statue. The other, the Prestige Edition, looks to run a whopping $490 and comes with a 15.75-inch statue. Which statue is included is the only difference between the two versions.

Nevermind that 15.75-inches is one hell of a big figure, but what makes it so great that it’s worth the extra $354? That’s a lot of dough to drop just because one dude’s more menacing than the other.

Bandai Namco Europe released some pictures of the ginormous Lord of Cinder statue, including one where it’s compared in size to the other edition’s Red Knight. It certainly towers over him. There’s no doubt that it’s a nice-lookin’ figure. But, I mean, you could buy an entirely new console for the tacked-on price of this guy. That’s kind of excessive.

To be fair, we aren’t entirely sure that $490 will be the price of the Prestige Edition. And, we don’t know if it’ll be available in all regions. Bandai Namco hasn’t officially confirmed anything yet. Hopefully when an announcement comes, there’s a pleasant decrease in price because even the most ardent Dark Soulsfan will have trouble justifying this expense.

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