Here's a blink and you'll miss it teaser for Black Cat in Spider-Man


Spider-Man 2 vibes are real

Black Cat has always been a big part of the Spider-Man comics, so it is nice to see that the first DLC for the upcoming PS4 title will feature her. Too bad this teaser is literally just that because we barely get a look at her. At least it conjures up memories of that subplot from the Spider-Man 2 movie game. I loved how that title incorporated so many fan-favorite villains and side kicks alongside Tobey Maguire’s depiction of the character.

The first part of the City That Never Sleeps DLC, called The Heist, will release on October 23, 2018. That gives you roughly a month and a half to get through the base game before new stuff arrives.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist – DLC 1 Teaser | PS4 [PlayStation via YouTube]