Here's a new Last of Us Part II trailer that you shouldn't watch unless you've played the game


I know I won’t

Naughty Dog has a new The Last of Us Part IItrailer that documents Abby’s side of things throughout the game. Here’s the catch though: You really shouldn’t watch it unless you’ve already played it. It’s nothing but spoilers and plot points, the likes of which you should probably see firsthand rather than in a 149-second recap trailer.

This is where I, as a blogger, am at an impasse. I have not yet played The Last of Us Part II. My PS4 went kerplunk the literal week before Part IIreleased, and I wasn’t about to buy a new obsolete console months before the PS5 launched. Also, because of the pandemic, Sony wasn’t accepting any out-of-warranty service work because it was prioritizing the in-warranty repairs. It’s still sitting under my TV doing absolutely nothing.

So, I don’t know — I won’t watch the trailer because I have not played the game because I’m unable to play the game until I can get my hands on a PS5. The best blogs are authored by folks who have a deep understanding of the subject material, and can offer insight and new perspectives that enrich the reader. This is, like, the literal opposite of that.

Watch the video if you want. Sorry all my words were useless!