Here's what carries over in Final Fantasy XV's New Game+ mode


Which is out today

Although Japan got the jump with the announcement, the west is also getting the “Holiday Update” for Final Fantasy XV. In fact, it’s already here, ready to download on PS4. It comes with a jumbled bunch of holiday items, and if you’re a Season Pass holder, extra costumes and such. Some of it can’t be used until the January festival update.

But the big drop is easily the New Game+ mode, which lets players start over with the same crew. So let’s go over what transfers — all weapons, magic and flasks, gil, AP, outfits, photos/fish/recipes, inventory/items, skills, and ascension grid progress. You will not be able to transfer the Regalia Type-F flying car, or the Ultimate Blade.

Other than wiping the autosave files for the right to start over, that all seems pretty fair. For now, you may as well just stay in Chapter 15 and do all you can in the postgame however, as no added difficulty modes or incentives have been implemented for New Game+ outside of the basic functionality. As I’ve said in the past, NG+ isn’t a staple for Final Fantasy, so I never even expected it, but I’ll take it I guess, if they can add onto it.

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