Hideki Kamiya will be 'Very Sorry' on November 2 live stream


I already forgive him

A mysterious live stream has popped up on the PlatinumGames YouTube, which seems to imply that bad boy auteur Hideki Kamiya will be making an appearance to apologize. Apologize for what? Well, I’m not actually sure.

The “Hideki Kamiya’s Very Sorry Stream” — as spotted by VGC’s Andy Robinson — is scheduled to take place tomorrow, November 2, and seems to be pertaining to Sol Cresta — the April Fools’ Day joke turned awesome-looking shmup. Perhaps the star fighting space blaster is set to join the long, long, looooong list of video game releases that have seen their launch date pushed back into 2022. Obviously, this delay is purely speculation on my part, but here’s hoping that it isn’t a full cancellation, what we’ve seen of Sol Cresta so far has been excellent. I’m sure it won’t be.

The Very Sorry Stream will kick off at 20:00 PT / 23:00 ET / 04:00 BST and can be watched over on YouTube or at the embed below. We will be sure to keep you up to date on Kamiya’s apology and any relevant news. I’m sure this will be a mere delay for Sol Cresta but — for lulz — why not frighten a Bayonetta fan by suggesting a Bayonetta 3 cancellation?