How am I gonna score goals with Stranger Things' Mind Flayer staring at me?


Rocket League journeys into the Upside Down

The audience in Rocket Leagueis usually pretty innocuous. It’s a bunch of faceless egg-shaped dudes bobbing up and down in silent approval. It is not tough to perform under this sort of pressure.

Soon, those eggs will be replaced with an interdimensional murder monster. Not great!

For its annual Haunted Hallows event, Rocket Leagueis throwing a Stranger Things-themed crossover. The terrifying centerpiece is a transformation of the Farmstead map, shrouded in blood-red mist with the Mind Flayer parked nearby. It’s supposed to represent the Upside Down, and no map is better equipped to look like smalltown Indiana than Farmstead.

The rest of the event is centered around earning in-game currency to nab Stranger Thingscosmetics. A decal that looks like Hopper’s Hawaiian shirt, wheels themed after the Starcourt mall, a Demogorgon player banner — that kind of stuff. Pictures of all the items are in the gallery below.

The Stranger Thingsmadness starts October 14 and ends November 11. That’s a long time for the Mind Flayer to get inside your head and turn you against your team. Something tells me we’re about to see an uptick in own goals.

Stranger Things is taking over Haunted Hallows [Rocket League]