I can't believe the Warcraft movie is less than a month away


I’ve barely seen any fanfare

It really is the year of video game movies.

In addition to Angry Birdsand Rachet & Clank (among others), Warcraft is readying itself for a release soon. How soon, you may ask? Well, June 10 in the US, and May 30 internationally. It’s weird, as I’ve seen very little in the way of promotion for the film, which might not be good news for the production. In the meantime, you can check out this recent Warcraft trailer remake, as well as a few clips focusing on specific characters in the movie.

While video game films have been relegated to throwaway talent and first-time directors, seeing projects like Warcraft with Duncan Jones (who has helmed two solid films), and Assassin’s Creed with Justin Kurzel, it makes me hopeful for the future. Hell, apparently Angry Birds wasn’t a disaster. I mean who knows? Maybe if Warcraft does well we’ll see a sequel with Illidan and Arthas?