I think this Division trailer is telling us to not lick our money


You’re not my supervisor!

There’s no small irony in Ubisoft, a company that very much likes getting money, releasing a trailer advising of the perils of handling money. Don’t handle money, don’t lick money, don’t eat money. Do you want diseases? ‘Cause that’s how you get diseases.

To prove this point, Ubisoft set up a site to “analyze” money from the United Kingdom and Europe. I just so happened to have 50 euro in my wallet, so I ran it through the machine. Apparently, there are high traces of urine, cocaine, and marijuana on my bill (all predictable), and 29,000 bacteria. It’s deemed an extreme risk of carrying infection.

In fact, it’s probably safest if you just don’t have money. Live broke and with the life-crushing stress of how you’ll survive. Once the plague hits, then you’ll have the leg-up on all those haughty money-havers!

Cash Contagion [The Division]