I'd love to be BFFs with Borderlands 3's mech-loving Moze


Tanks for the memories

Gearbox has punched out another character trailer for its upcoming looter shooter Borderlands 3. Following on from yesterday’s video, where we got a look at Irish rebel Zane, today’s clip introduces us to ass-kicking mechanic Moze, ready to rumble with her trusty mech, Iron Bear.

In the short video, we meet the young, tech-minded lass, and learn about the horrible mission that brought her and her walking weapon together. Now out on their own in a dangerous world of mercenaries, Moze and Iron Bear have become an inseparable duo, as well as a terrifying and formidable sight for anyone dumb enough to set foot in their path.

In Borderlands 3, Moze is the game’s heavy-hitter, loaded for bear (no pun intended) with an assortment of explosive weaponry and hardened against the harsh terrain. Iron Bear also doubles as a handy sentry gun, keeping its charge safe when she is otherwise engaged. If you like the firepower to be stacked in your favour, then Moze is the gal for you, as she is for me.

Borderlands 3 launches September 13 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.