Is this it? Final platform surveys go out for Mighty No. 9


Would you laugh at a last minute delay?

[Update: The errors that occurred with the initial survey are being fixed with a new survey that could take up to “two days” to reach your inbox.]

So uh, this might actually be it this time, folks. Comcept has sent out surveys for Mighty No. 9platform choice, which lines up with their recently “gone gold” claim that slots the game in for a June 21 release date.

The development team is asking folks to have their surveys completed by May 29 at 11:59 PT, so if you haven’t gotten one in “a few days,” you should ask for it — it would suck to have backed it for all these years and miss out (PC will be distributed by default). Some users (myself included) are reporting that the link is broken, which would be just one more issue in this long line of follies, and technically, another delay.

What if Mighty No. 9 was delayed again because of the need to add in Twitter and Facebook functionality? Can you imagine the sheerrancor?

Survey [Kickstarter]