It looks like Final Fantasy XV is getting one last project update on March 26



Final Fantasy XV was known as the game that would never die: until it did.

Following the shocking news late last year that the heart and soul of the project director Hajima Tabata was exiting Square Enix, the whole idea of extended DLC for XV just stopped. We probably would have gotten DLC through 2020 if Tabata and Square Enix had their way, but with the boss man gone they basically shut off all the lights outside of the upcoming “Episode Ardyn” DLC, which was seemingly mostly finished and even had an anime prologue.

Episode Ardynis coming on March 26 and will signal the end of XV‘s development as a whole. To celebrate Square Enix is holding a special Active Time Report: a series they’ve been running for many years now, to close it all out and thank fans. You can watch it below on March 26 at 7AM ET. Goodnight, sweet (Noctis) prince.