Jamestown, one of the best modern shmups, is heading to Nintendo Switch


This brings me to my happy place

Jamestown is back on the scene with a Nintendo Switch port coming at the end of 2019, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been far too long! This game is the ideal shoot-’em-up for people who tend to only dip their toes in the genre on the best of days. Mechanically, it feels spot-on and the scoring system is easy to grasp, but above all, the story to say nothing of the grand soundtrack stands out the most.

The game takes place on “17th-century British Colonial Mars,” complete with flying ships, robots, aliens, and an almighty conquistador standing in your path. You’ll need to figure out what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke to secure freedom from a death sentence at (where else?) the Tower of London.

It’s pretty great! And for those of you who appreciate a lavish level-select screen, check this out:

Jamestown for Nintendo Switch

I already own this game on PC and PS4, but that’s not about to stop me from triple-dipping. I can’t say enough good things, especially if you’re teaming up with friends. There’s four-player local co-op.

Final Form Games is planning to bring Jamestown+ to Switch and PC in Q4 2019. Currently, the definitive edition is limited to PlayStation 4 – it has more playable ships, levels, and story elements. The studio has noted that “all updates and improvements” will arrive as a free update on PS4.

As noted on Steam, we can expect “eight years of engine improvements and art refinements” in this version. The developers will have “something special in store for current owners of Jamestown on Steam when Jamestown+ becomes available for purchase.” They’ll “reveal more details as we’re able.”