Klei's space colony sim is coming soon to Steam Early Access


Oxygen Not Included

One of the projects in the works at Klei Entertainment is Hot Lava, a clever video game take on the real-world children’s game about not touching the fiery floor. That’s a known quantity for me. But the studio’s other new game, Oxygen Not Included? Much less so. While I haven’t tried it yet, it’s a space colony sim (yes!) from these good folks (double yes!), so there’s probably something there.

Oxygen Not Included has been playable with a paid alpha build, and soon enough it’ll be on Steam Early Access proper. That version releases in two weeks, on May 18, and it’s going to cost $25. If you own one of the studio’s current titles, though, you’ll save 20 percent thanks to a loyalty discount.

This trailer for the recent Thermal Upgrade update shows where the game is at:

The next major patch, the Agricultural Upgrade, is planned alongside the Early Access launch.

Agricultural Upgrade & Early Access Coming May 18 [Steam]