Madden and FIFA's next-gen upgrades arrive one day early


That’s the opposite of delay of game

Kickoff came a day early. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Madden NFL 21and FIFA 21are scheduled to launch tomorrow, December 4. However, anyone who owns last-gen versions of those games can upgrade today.

EA Sports pulled the trigger on pushing upgrades out the door, which is a nice little surprise for anyone who’s playing Maddenor FIFAand making use of backward compatibility. Of course, PS4 versions can only be upgraded to PS5, and Xbox One versions can only be upgraded to Xbox Series S/X.

There are a few different scenarios at play here with EA’s Dual Entitlement program. Anyone with a digital copy of either game can simply go to the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store and grab the next-gen version for free. Those who have discs will be able to pop it into their new console and download a digital upgraded version. However, anyone with a disc but a disc-less console has to hit up EA support to validate the purchase.

Those who waited to buy Madden or FIFAcan’t take advantage of this early next-gen arrival. They have to wait until December 4 which is when it was supposed to go live in the first place.