Mario Kart 8's Cheese Land will crush your spirit on 200cc


Brake drifting is our saving grace

Mario Kart 8 feels fresh again and not just because of the fabulous new tracks added in this week’s Animal Crossing-themed DLC Pack 2. Nintendo also unleashed the humbling 200cc class in a free update for the game. We saw the footage. We knew this fast, furious mode would require relearning, practice, and lots of patience.

But my goodness — some of these courses are a real pain, even by Mario Kart standards.

Cheese Land, for instance.

The winding desert level is littered with cheesy rock formations and it’s a treat to look at, but don’t be fooled by the mirage: playing on 200cc, this is a bad place for bad people. Who designed these curved roads? Why did someone tie up their agitated Chain Chomp over here? And won’t someone fill all of these potholes? This is a professional tournament!

In an effort to see what 200cc is supposed to look like, I found this video of YouTube user AbdallahSmash026 triple-starring the Crossing Cup (including Cheese Land):