Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2 stealth launches today


Wow, that was fast

[Update:While we were initially told by a Telltale staff member that the EU release of episode two was being held until Friday, it now appears the digital EU release date is in fact today.]

In an unexpected surprise move, Minecraft: Story Mode’s second episode, Assembly Required, has had a stealth release today to line up with the release of the physical “Season Pass Disc” edition.

Considering the wait between Telltale series episode releases is usually a couple of months, it’s a pleasant surprise to see the second episode of this series release just two weeks after the first.

It’s currently unclear if this condensed release schedule is just to line up with the release of the physical edition, or if the third episode in the series will be releasing two weeks from now. We have reached out to Telltale for comment and will update if they respond.

So, let’s get ready for more Minecraft: Story Mode I guess.