Moustache powers unleashed in Heroes of the Storm


Queen of (triple) Blades

The moustache has become a hot topic since the news that actor Henry Cavill must have his digitally removed for Justice League reshoots. Now it seems that the lads and lasses of Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm might be next in need of a digital shave.

On the PTR for the MOBA, some characters appeared to be rocking facial hair. From basic five o’ clock shadows, ’90s soul patches and nu-metal goatees, Tracer, Valeera, Kerrigan and co. all showed up to battle sporting an array of stylish face combos. Starcraft’s Raynor looks appropriately badass in his, to be fair.

Whilst some are reporting this as a simple shadowing glitch, others are suggesting a test-run for a Movember event. Some have even gone as far as to theorise it’s a clue to the next roster addition.

Blizzard are being vague about the occurrence, putting out little more than a comical tweet. Whether a prank or otherwise, there’s no denying that these looks need to make their way into loot boxes soon, I’m sure they’d see more use than Sprays at any rate.

We moustache you to bear with us while we investigate this PTR bug. 🤔

— Heroes of the Storm (@BlizzHeroes) August 1, 2017