My God this Final Fantasy XIV Lupin III digital cosplay is perfect


Not pictured: Zenigata getting outran

Sometimes, Final Fantasy XIV‘s in-game cosmetic (glamour/transmog) system really blows me away. There are millions of costume combinations at this point, and myriad Final Fantasy and Square Enix references at large. If you wanted to try to find the right clothes to become any character you wanted, you could probably make it happen with enough effort (some of the more rare items are locked behind quests or challenges, or paid cosmetics).

This group definitely went the extra mile, as they banded together to form the entire Lupin IIIanime crew for a team cosplay event. Yep: MMO players (and Final Fantasy XIV ones especially, more so than any other modern MMO outside of maybe LOTRO) love doing out of the box activities like this that have nothing to do with chasing the next loot tier.

For reference, this event was hosted on the Ragnarok server by the Free Company (Guild) Pandemonium. The participants are Damuron Atomais (Lupin), Wilan Serulia (Jigen) Nyx Valentine (Fujiko) and Worick Arcangelo (Goemon).

Lupin III (team cosplay for an FC event) [Reddit]