My Nintendo Japan eliminates 3DS discounts, now redirects to error page


Wii U too, but that was expected

As Nintendo insists that the 3DS is going to stay, we continue to look for reasons why the Switch has replaced it. Outside of the fact that there aren’t very many (if any) 3DS games on the horizon, and the last major one in Japan (Mobile Ball, which actually looked decent) was canceled, things aren’t looking good as the thing is practically a legacy system already. Another bit of writing on the wall (that is not a secret to everybody) has surfaced, this time in Japan.

Similar to how Nintendo wiped every mention of the Wii U off the face of the Earth in some regions, the publisher has nuked all 3DS discounts (and Wii U for that matter) for the Japanese arm of My Nintendo. According to Japanese Nintendo the switch was flipped sometime this week, and trying to access any 3DS discounts will bring up an error page.

Now this isn’t a huge loss, and is mostly symbolic. With My Nintendo, Nintendo has been doing a very Nintendo thing and acting like they’re doing people a favor with this service. Instead, the reality is you have to jump through some hoops (real or fake currency) to get marginal discounts on big name games you probably already own. For comparison’s sake, the US version is showing discounts for New Super Mario Bros. 2(a seven year old game), Hyrule Warriors Legends(a port of a Wii U/Switch game), and so on.

So in the grand scheme of things, if this happens worldwide, it’ll probably impact 1% of the My Nintendo userbase. But again, it’s mostly just a sign of what’s to come as the 3DS is phased out of the plan entirely.

My Nintendo [Nintendo via Japanese Nintendo]