Namco Bandai's recent Dark Souls III cheat purge didn't go swimmingly



While the console editions of Dark Souls IIIhave been consistently smooth since launch, the fight against cheaters on PC isn’t going so well for Bandai Namco and developer From Software. In a state of constant war, even innocent bystanders aren’t safe, as they can be banned for accidentally and unwittingly picking up a hacked item. As of last weekend From pushed another update that was meant to hurt cheaters, but it didn’t go so well.

Multiple users are reporting that after the patch, more crashing, freezing, and stuttering issues have arisen, so it’s been reverted as of today. While it’s commendable that steps are being taken against something that basically ruins online play, it’s unfortunate that for many, the game is still unplayable.

Personally, I’ve been sticking to offline play on PC and console runs.

Thank you FROM for the anti-cheat patch! [Reddit]