Naughty words will get you auto-banned in Rocket League


Skynet League

In an effort to crack down on toxic players and racial slurs being hurled around their game, Psyonix is going to be implementing a new auto-banning feature to Rocket League next week. Using the current reporting system an AI will look through the chat and see if the offender used one of the 20 words that are grounds for banning.

But not all naughty words are created equal, certain ones carry heavier weight so you may be able to get away with one or two words if it’s not too bad but some of the more severe (I assume of the racist and more hate-fueled variety) will be grounds for immediate action. After the word thresholds are reached the AI will hand out bans on an increasing scale starting at 24 hours then ramping it up to 72 hours, followed by a week and ultimately a lifetime ban on the account.

To me this is a good step in the right direction because unless they had trained monkeys working around the clock I doubt the small scale Psyonix could have kept up with the glut of reports from their runaway hit. It also looks a bit more nuanced than say Twitter’s auto-banning feature where it actually allows you some leeway instead of just clamping down on the first minor offense. I don’t think it will stop people from saying naughty things in the voice chat but anything that lowers the toxicity of my star crossed lover Rocket League is a-ok in my book.

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