New Doom 64 entry pops up on European rating boards


BFR — the ‘r’ stands for ‘rating’

Well, what’s this? It seems as though Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3aren’t the only classic Doomgames in the pipeline. We might be getting a throwback from the 64-bit era.

PEGI, the European ratings board, has a new listing for Doom 64. It was first noticed by Gematsu, but the entry has since been deleted. PEGI’s rating only covers PC and PS4, but any new release would most certainly come to Switch and Xbox One too; that’s exactly how it worked with Doomand Doom II.

As far as leaks go, ratings boards have one of the better success rates. But, if not part of the QuakeCon trio of surprise Doomreleases, when might Doom 64launch? Possibly as a pre-order incentive alongside Doom Eternalthis November? Doomis always hiding so many secrets.

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