New PS4 update for The Witness might help with motion sickness


Try adjusting the field of view, among other things

It sure does feel odd to boot up The Witness again. I had intended to continue solving optional puzzles after earning the platinum Trophy, albeit at a much laxer, much more sane pace, but ended up stopping completely. Why go back now? A PlayStation 4 update! And a beefy one at that.

The update adds a few new options presumably meant to help quell motion sickness. I’ve never felt nauseous while playing The Witness, so I can’t comment on their effectiveness first-hand.

Under the Settings menu, you can now find a toggle for a reticule as well as “vignetting,” an effect that essentially darkens the screen around the edges. There’s also a field-of-view slider (adjustable from “80” up to “100”), which is something the PC version already received via update.

I’m unsure if there are any other less-obvious changes, but that wouldn’t surprise me.

Jonathan Blow [Twitter]