Newest Heroes of the Storm character is a two-for-one


Everything is better with bears

What’s better than throwing giant axes in your enemy’s face? Throwing giant axes in your enemy’s face while a huge freaking bear mauls them to death.

Rexxar will join the Heroes of the Storm roster next week on the 8th and he’ll be bringing his pet bear Misha with him. The pair move in tandem, with Misha tanking damage and stunning foes while Rexxar chucks axes and can cast a spirit bird that will inflict a slow debuff from a distance. His two heroic abilities offer a choice between utility (a pack of boars that track, slow, and reveal targets) and raw bear-powered ass kicking (a huge buff to Misha). I think I know which one appeals to me more (HINT: It’s the one that involves less thinking and more mauling).

While not requiring as much micro-management as a character like the Lost Vikings or Abathur, it looks like skillfully positioning and controlling both Rexxar and Misha at the same time will be the key to success with the hunter. I’m really liking what Blizzard has been doing with specialized, gimmicky characters like this in Heroes of the Storm.