Nintendo confirms Yo-Kai Watch 2 localization


Coming on September 30!

Fantastic and unexpected news came across my desk this morning — Nintendo has informed Destructoid that Yo-Kai Watch 2is coming to the 3DS on September 30 in the US (Europe is still TBA).

While Japan is gearing up for the release of the third game, the west still just has the first, so this is a welcome announcement as a newly minted fan of the series. The two-version Pokemon-likerelease structure has been confirmed in the form of Bony Spiritsand Fleshy Souls— interesting names!

In other news, Disney XD has acquired the license for the second season of the show, which will continue to air. Nintendo exec Scott Moffit also stated that, “We’re excited to continue bringing fun Yo-Kai experiences stateside this year,” which could include the new strategy RPG and the Bustersspinoff.

So while I haven’t heard about the rip-roaring success of the franchise much over in the US, it seems to be doing well enough to warrant more releases, which is fine by me.