Nintendo reiterates that there will be no new hardware for E3 2019



Nintendo really, really wants you to know that a new Switch hardware iteration is notgoing to be revealed at E3 this year. They previously stated it in a financial Q&A, outright noting that there isn’t going to be a new Switch unit at E3, despite the fact that they are “constantly working on new projects,” and now it’s front and center on Nintendo’s latest E3 rundown blog post.

In the post of “what fans can expect [from E3 2019,” it breaks down all of the gaming tournaments that are happening (many kicked off yesterday) during E3, as well as the various streaming events like Treehouse Live presentations and the always popular Nintendo Direct. For the latter, Nintendo states the following in the description: “The presentation will begin at 9 a.m. PT on June 11. Viewers can watch it by visiting here. The presentation, which focuses entirely on software, will offer a look at games scheduled to launch in 2019.”

So just in case you somehow weren’t aware that the Switch Lite or the Switch Pro would be magically announced tomorrow, you know now. Don’t be disappointed or expect the moon!

What’s New [Nintendo] Thanks Roger!