Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct looks to be a breezy 40 minutes


And we know for sure it has a Smash DLC reveal in it

Nintendo is being appropriately secretive about their E3 plans this year, because all we really know is that their Direct presentation takes place on June 11 at 12PM ET: and, as of late last night, that it will contain a Smash DLC fighter reveal. Oh, and we can probably guess that it will not feature anything regarding Sword & Shield, as that got its own 15-minute blowout Direct last week.

So how much are they planning on packing in? Well it depends on how fast they are, because popular Japanese streaming site NicoNicoLive has the Direct at an estimated 40 minute runtime. If this is correct, Nintendo has a whole lot to get through in a relatively little amount of time, but this is on par with what the company has done in the past:in 2018, Nintendo’s Direct was nearly 43 minutes, though nearly half of it was Smash related.

Now Smashcould still dominate, as the Joker DLC reveal and the accompanying update preview was 15 minutes on its own, but we only have a few more days to wait for it.

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