No way! The original Yo-Kai Watch is coming to Switch this October


‘Nooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’

Just a few weeks ago the original Yo-Kai Watch was announced for Switch by way of a strange YouTube cartoon promotion; but now everything is officially official, complete with a website and release date and everything. Level-5 is bringing 2013’s 3DS phenomenon to the Switch on October 10 in Japan for4,980 yen, which is roughly $45 USD.

It seems to be a straight remaster with touched-up visuals and toy compatibility, as there isn’t a lot of fanfare about new content and the like on the landing page. While this is great news for Switch owners, if you own a 3DS you may as well just enjoy the series in its portable form— especially given that the second game retreads on a lot of what made the first one great with mechanical enhancements in tow.

If you haven’t pulled the trigger on the series at all yet and the idea of experiencing it on Switch is enticing you, picking up the remasterisn’t a bad option (assuming it comes west, which it should as all the major games have so far compliments of Nintendo). There’s still plenty of charm there and the first game really gives you an idea of how this series caught on out of the gate.

Or you could say“noooooooo wayyyyyyyyyy” and hold out for Yo-Kai Watch 2 on Switch.

Yo-Kai Watch Switch [Level-5]