Obscure Hudson-made Mario Special recreated in Mario Maker


All it takes is one dedicated fan

The Super Mario Makerhomages continue to roll in. Previously we saw someone recreate everye-Reader level, now someone has gone and crafted every stage from Super Mario Bros. Special, released in 1986.

Specialis a rather obscure game created by Hudson Soft (who would go on to assist Nintendo with the Mario Partyseries) for the NEC PC-8801 and Sharp X1 computer platforms. It never really caught on partially due to the fact that it was a PC game, but its legacy persisted among Nintendo fans.

Miiverse user Forteblast has taken it upon himself to unearth this legendary release, and all you need to do to give it a try is input the code359D-0000-0080-762B, then access his profile for the rest.

Super Mario Bros. special remade in Mario Maker [Tiny Cartridge]