Oh great, Last Guardian's boy can swim


That boy ain’t right

It’s not just Gravity Rush 2. IGN has (part one of!) another exclusive to end this week, this time the fabled The Last Guardian which is certainly, definitely coming out this year. It’s hands-on with the first 45 minutes, mind, and doesn’t seem dissimilar from what we’ve seen so far (mostly at E3 last year in the game’s half-surprising resurgence).

But it does show off our tatted-up boy swimming, which pretty immediately threw me back to Shadow of the Colossus and how much the Leviathan fucked me up/paralyzed me with fear. It was my Jaws. And then, finally braving the water and seeing the fucker come up towards you and realize shitty PS2 draw distance is why it looked so small swimming around down there but no holy shit it’s fucking huge oh my god help me.

I am still jazzed as hell for this game.