Ominous message hidden in Splatoon's Happy New Year post


Save Our Salmon?

Over the last few days, various video games and publishers have shared cheerful messages to ring in the new year with their fans. But this particular bout of well-wishing, from Nintendo’s arena-shooter franchise Splatoon, might be more than meets the eye.

The message reads innocently enough: “Have A Great 2020,” written on a seemingly tranquil seabed in the style of Salmon Run mode’s Golden Eggs. But on reflection, (literally), the “202” appears in the water as an “S.O.S” message, accompanied by a lonely lifebuoy.

The accompanying tweet appears to be written by shady in-game corporation Grizzco. “There are likely those taking a relaxing break, and those still living a busy life,” it reads. “It seems that Grizzco is recruiting for part-time work even this early on New Year’s Day. If you would be so kind, why not join in the first haul of the new year? Please look after us this year as well.” (Thanks to Siliconera for the translation.)

Of course, this could just be a fun bit of lore, referencing the corporation and its dubious treatment of the Salmonids, whose only crime is to want their eggs back. But no doubt fans can’t help but hope that this not-so-hidden message could be a very early teaser to more Splatoon action in the new year. For now, this is just mere speculation.

Two new updates are scheduled for Splatoon 2 in the coming months, but these will just be bringing around bug fixes and balance tweaks. Here’s hoping that Squid-kids and Octolings everywhere receive some exciting news in 2020.


— Splatoon(スプラトゥーン) (@SplatoonJP) January 1, 2020